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Our PRomise

Develop a sustainable gateway project that provides a robust opportunity to live, work, learn and play in an area surrounded by new and existing public transiT

For Tucson to grow sustainably, we must provide opportunities for people to live, work, have access to retail and shopping opportunities and open space amenities, all within walking and transit distances to each other. This project’s site provides the opportunity to create and enhance this sustainable model and build the density and height in an area that is not directly adjacent to single-family residential homes. This property is uniquely situated as it is surrounded by University of Arizona education and medical buildings, two major arterial roadways and commercial development on the opposite sides of the major roadways. In addition, the developer, architect and consultants associated with the project are all local and have personal passion for this project and our community’s future. Because this is our home, we have the best interests of Tucson at heart and believe that this type of development (building up, rather than out) will make Tucson’s growth sustainable, without more sprawl and destruction of desert habitat. This project will be a high-quality and attractive complex that will be a local “destination,” with green spaces and public places to serve neighbors and the entire community.

Project Highlights

The Speedway Campbell Gateway is a mixed-use residential, hospitality and professional office complex, together with ground-level restaurants, grocery, upscale retail, and neighborhood goods and services. It will replace the existing Palm Shadows Apartments complex at the northwest corner of Speedway and Campbell. The Gateway’s development represents a significant contribution toward Tucson becoming a truly walkable, bike-friendly and transit-oriented city.


Achieves the highest-and-best use of an outdated property at a prime urban location.

Fits within an established, non-residential currently developing area.

Helps stimulate the upscale planning and private redevelopment of an area that the City of Tucson has identified as one of its most under-utilized collection of private properties.

Will stimulate public use of the Tucson Streetcar system by creating a desirable residential, employment and restaurant/retail destination at the eastern terminus of the streetcar line.




Incorporating height and upward growth as part of the project design ensures the most efficient and intelligent use of our precious urban lands.

Provides much-needed space for more UA offices and administrative functions, as well as medical clinic space to support the Arizona Health Sciences Center and Banner-University Medical Center.

Follows a development philosophy that is the exact opposite of urban sprawl and the resultant destruction of desert habitat, which it fosters.



Provides residential, office, specialty retail, grocery and restaurant use within an integrated network of shaded and inviting public green spaces and urban plaza settings.

Provides all required parking on site via a combination of above-ground, sub-surface and street-level parking.

Employs an architectural design wherein the above-ground parking structures will receive the same façade treatment as the main buildings, thereby ensuring a unified aesthetic.

Located adjacent to the Helen-Warren streetcar station and within a robust network of major SunTran routes and designated bikeways.

Directly adjacent to UA, the Arizona Health Sciences Center, and Banner-University Medical Center.


Energizes the Helen-Warren streetcar station by providing a significant population of project residents and employees, as well as by providing a unique destination for outlying residents and streetcar users.

Amplifies the significant economic investment Tucson has already made in streetcar system and bolsters its viability by providing an effective stimulant and source for increased ridership.

The robust alternative-modes environment provides project residents, employees and community members with ample opportunities for walking, biking, and streetcar use as opposed to using a private vehicle. 


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The 2.49-acre site is located in the northwest quadrant of the Speedway Boulevard/Campbell Avenue intersection and fronts upon Helen Street to the north. The property site adjoins the southern edge of the UA’s Arizona Health Sciences Center and is less than 250 feet from the Helen-Warren Station of the Tucson Streetcar.


While there are surrounding residential neighborhoods in relative proximity to the project, none of them directly adjoin the property and all are physically separated from it by major arterial streets and by an established context of non-residential uses. Nonetheless, from the onset of this endeavor, the project team has recognized the interests and concerns of neighborhoods within a full one-mile radius of the development site. As early as 2014, the leadership of these neighborhoods was consulted in organized fashion. With the current planned area development (PAD) and rezoning, a formal Neighborhood Liaison Group (NLG), comprised of representatives from each of the affected surrounding neighborhoods, was established to keep their membership informed as to the project’s progress and to work directly with the project team during the PAD/rezoning process. In addition, the team made numerous presentations to more than a dozen individual neighborhood associations at their regularly scheduled meetings.