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Our Process



Next Steps

April 19th – Zoning Examiner public hearing at 6:00 at City Hall  

The Zoning Examiner will hear about the proposal from the development team and take public testimony about the project, ultimately making a recommendation on the proposal to the Mayor and Council.


June (targeted) – Mayor and Council Meeting

Mayor and Council will hear the proposal, the staff and Zoning Examiner report and make a decision on the rezoning/PAD proposal. Actual date of Mayor and Council hearing is pending. Once date is finalized it will be posted here.



Community Involvement

The ownership of the Speedway Campbell Gateway project has prioritized community and stakeholder engagement throughout the re-envisioning and entitlement process. The first step started in 2014 and culminated in the Mayor and Council unanimously approving the University Area Plan (UAP) amendment. This UAP amendment established the policy for a sustainable development on the property, which included the ability to request up to 20 stories and 250 feet in height subject to limitations on location of the high-rise portion of the building, and accomplishing certain studies at the time of rezoning.  From the start of that process, the development team provided significant outreach to surrounding neighborhoods and welcomed input and guidance from neighborhood leaders.

The Neighborhood Liaison Group (“NLG”) was established in 2014 and had at least three working meetings with the development team in 2014 to create policies included in the UAP amendment. Significant outreach to all surrounding neighborhood associations followed along with all City-required neighborhood meetings and hearings. 

 In 2017, when the rezoning process began, the development team immediately reconvened the Neighborhood Liaison Group to discuss next steps and share the studies that were accomplished in response to the UAP. Two official NLG group working meetings were held to discuss the PAD document and results of the studies. In addition, the NLG members worked with the development team to schedule numerous presentations with individual neighborhood associations.




Recognizing that the property is not located directly adjacent to single-family residences, the UAP encourages sustainable development with a significant height increase/high-rise component for the property, subject to certain studies. Those studies include analysis of visibility, privacy, sun reflection and shadow, and helicopter flight patterns and noise related to the 20-story high-rise portion of the building. In addition, analysis of pedestrian and traffic circulation, connectivity, conservation and sustainability are included in the rezoning/PAD document. We have summarized the most relevant studies on this website under the "studies" tab.


To review all the studies completed in detail, use the PAD link below.



Market Demand

There has been tremendous support and interest in creating sustainable development throughout the City's streetcar line, and specifically in areas not directly adjacent to single-family residential uses. The market demand for high-end housing in a condominium or rental format close to the University and the Medical Center has been needed and desired for a long time. In addition, the desire for a full-service grocery store on the streetcar line has been vocal. The existing surrounding neighbors and addition of new residents in the area has and will increase demand for easy access to goods and services. The goal is to create an opportunity for residents to access office, retail, plaza and community spaces, all within walking, biking and transit rides from their homes. This will create the sustainable growth Tucson needs and the market desires.