The project prepared a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) that analyzed the existing conditions and the projected conditions after the project. The analysis highlighted the intersections of greatest importance to the project: Campbell Ave/Elm St, Campbell Ave/Speedway Blvd, and Speedway Blvd/Cherry Ave. The analysis used figures from 2012 studies completed for Arizona Health Sciences Center and Banner University Medical Center, and 2015 and 2016 traffic volume figures from the Pima Association of Governments’ Transportation Data Management System.

Transportation improvements are already needed in this area and this project will require certain improvements as well. Our PAD document provides specific recommendations for the street improvements that are necessary and assigns responsibility for them. This project will pay substantial transportation impact fees to the City of Tucson and it is our hope that these monies would be targeted specifically to the recommended street improvements.The studies suggest that these improvements will actually improve traffic flow and safety. In addition, the hope is that this development will encourage use of the streetcar, SunTran bus/transit routes, and pedestrian and bikeways already in place which, over time, will help reduce auto traffic.